M. Ostermeier  |  Percolate  |  TCH08  |  November 22, 2019  |  digital

m. ostermeier : electronics - acoustics - piano - guitar
recorded : baltimore md usa
photography : m. ostermeier

The German label [ parvoart ] released M. Ostermeier’s debut album Percolate in a numbered edition of 50 miniCDs in 2010. This 2019 digital reissue adds "Sagewood" from the label's Advent compilation and boasts remastered audio and new artwork.

To build Percolate’s melancholic reveries, M. Ostermeier relied more on electric piano and guitar instead of the acoustic piano that would become the focus of his subsequent albums. But it's the incursion of downtempo electronic beats that most sets Percolate apart from his later works.

percolate (2.41)
september again (3.51)
clockwork (3.53)
scratchy (2.05)
his station [in life] (3.19)
continuity (3.41)
persuasion (4.32)
sagewood (2.30)

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  Percolate (Parvoart, 2010; Tench, 2019)
  Lakefront (Hibernate, 2010)
  Chance Reconstruction (Tench, 2010)
  The Rules of Another Small World (Tench, 2011)
  Still (Tench, 2015)
  Tiny Birds (Home Normal, 2016)
  Tuesday, She Stayed Away (w/ T. Maus) (Tench, 2019)